Mediation offers a way to resolve disputes such as divorce, child custody, alimony, post-divorce issues, violation of custody orders, probate disputes, and other kinds of cases. Mediation is cost-effective. It allows parties to find solutions that match them, and that match their problem. It allows parties to find a way out of what looked like unsolvable problems. It helps YOU keep control, instead of giving control to lawyers, judges, and others.

Russell Gray is a trained mediator and attorney, handling cases in the areas of: divorce, custody, violations of court orders, alimony, post-divorce issues, and violation of court orders (among others). As a mediator, he works to offer an alternative to more conventional ways of resolving disputes. As an attorney, he represents people in divorce cases, parent-time disputes, and custody cases.

Mediation works especially well in situations where the parties will have an ongoing relationship with each other even after the dispute is resolved, such as in co-parenting cases, probate disputes, and disputes between business partners.

Russell Gray can mediate your case:

  • divorce, custody, family law
  • alimony and child support
  • violation of previous court orders
  • probate dispute regarding a will or a trust
  • landlord-tenant disputes
  • business/partnership disputes

Click here to schedule a mediation. There is a lot of information about the mediation process on this site. Russell Gray can be reached at (801) 305-4851.